‘Life In Perspective’

Interviewing founders

This week the StartWise Team had the amazing opportunity to talk to Stephanie Cox, CEO, and Founder of The Level Market, the world’s first online marketplace for relief and development products.

Grace met Stephanie while talking at the ‘Profit for Good’ panel at the Colorado WILD Summit. We first started talking about The Level Market, but the conversation quickly drifted towards her amazing life story.

Some of our favorite quotes from Stephanie: Keep reading this post


First Investor Meeting: The Do’s And Don’ts

1*RlTBUKDEXbNAWh6KzM3U6wThe funding road isn’t easy – and every entrepreneur knows that. And that is why they prepare for every investor meeting – being confident and on top of things will create a higher possibility of success. So what are the steps to take when getting ready to meet the investor?

What’s your story? This isn’t just about the product, service or company. Most investors, especially on early stage, will be investing in you – the person behind the company. They want to know about the team, how you met, how you work together. This is about how you got to this point in your business. Investors want to know what it is about your background that brought you to them with the solution you’ve created and why they need to pay attention. They want to hear about your previous experience and what makes you the right person to invest in and help your company grow. But above all, they are looking for passion – it is the passion that drives the business. Keep reading this post

Investing In A Business: 9 Rules To Follow

start-a-biz-part-1According to the Small Business Administration, approx. 500,000 new businesses are started every year in the United States. Obtaining financing for small-business entrepreneurs is often hard and they tend to turn to friends, family or acquaintances for funding. When you face the opportunity to invest in a business, what are the things to look at?

  1. Business funding situation
    The first question to ask yourself is why the opportunity is even available. Did the business try to raise money before, from who and why it didn’t go through – you have to find out the story behind it. While it could throw up a red flag, the inability for an entrepreneur or startup to obtain financing isn’t necessarily a sign that it’s doomed. Keep reading this post

12 Weeks in Boulder, Colorado – the Thank You post.

Today is the MergeLane Demo Day – the last day of the 12-week accelerator program that StartWise was excited to be a part of. In case you want to check out the presentations – they are live streaming Demo Day on the YouTube Channel.


A startup accelerator is built to foster rapid growth of its portfolio companies by leveraging the army of mentors, access to technology, office space and an innovative community, packed into a short time frame. While accelerator programs tend to share several traits: startups apply to be part of a program lasting a few months, in which they obtain mentorship, office space, and funding – each accelerator has its own nuances. Keep reading this post