First Investor Meeting: The Do’s And Don’ts

1*RlTBUKDEXbNAWh6KzM3U6wThe funding road isn’t easy – and every entrepreneur knows that. And that is why they prepare for every investor meeting – being confident and on top of things will create a higher possibility of success. So what are the steps to take when getting ready to meet the investor?

What’s your story? This isn’t just about the product, service or company. Most investors, especially on early stage, will be investing in you – the person behind the company. They want to know about the team, how you met, how you work together. This is about how you got to this point in your business. Investors want to know what it is about your background that brought you to them with the solution you’ve created and why they need to pay attention. They want to hear about your previous experience and what makes you the right person to invest in and help your company grow. But above all, they are looking for passion – it is the passion that drives the business. Keep reading this post