Millionaire By 30 – Fantasy Or Possible Reality? - revenue sharing crowdfunding copyGetting rich and becoming a millionaire by the age of 30 seems like an impossible task for most people. But here are the steps that could help you become a millionaire if not by your 30’th birthday, then maybe by the next one.

1. Follow The Money – focus on increasing your income in increments, don’t sit and do nothing with yourself and your money.

2. Don’t Show Off – people care about your work ethic, not your luxury cars or a huge house. Also, do you really need those things? Spend money wisely. Keep reading this post


Millennials don’t invest? You just don’t know how to engage them.

290368_10150337186527290_309950877289_8022970_605720290_oAt 80 million strong, the Millennial generation has defined itself as a generation of change-makers: they are known for their collective passion for social causes, their entrepreneurial spirit, their grassroots organizing abilities and their eagerness to reinvent and create new models for change. Millennials is a group who are oriented toward the future, who don’t want their lives to revolve around money. No matter their background, young adults share a sense of entrepreneurship. That innovative spirit can limit the amount of risk millennials are willing to take with their investments.

Born in 1980 – 2005, Millennials grew up in the age of Internet and social media, which enables new ways to invest: shared economy via P2P lending platforms and crowdfunding. Only 26% of Millennials invest in stocks – comparing to 58% of Baby Boomers. Keep reading this post